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Private Student Loan Relief

Education has become so expensive that it is almost impossible to get a degree without accumulating debt. While some graduates are lucky to find a job and pay back the debt, it takes years to get rid of the obligations. However, it is still the best-case scenario as many students cannot get an opportunity in an extremely competitive job market. If you are one of them, you are not alone. Thousands of students are struggling with their debt and looking for private student loan relief programs. Luckily, there exist some options for graduates to deal with their loans effectively.

Private Student Loan Relief

Managing private student loans is harder than federal debt. The government provides some opportunities for students to receive debt relief or forgiveness. However, they do not do much for graduates with private loans. Many forgiveness programs only cover direct loans and ignore the private ones. Hence, we discuss some alternatives for students who need private student loan relief in this section. If you have any questions, our team will be happy to guide you.

Why Does the Problem Exist?

There exist thousands of graduates with loan obligations worth 1.5 trillion. This problem occurs for three reasons. First, the tuition fees are high, and many cannot afford it from their pockets. Getting a decent education and having a degree is almost the #1 requirement of any job application. Hence, students who dream bright futures feel the urge to get loans and study. As a result, when they graduate, they fall into the debt spiral.

The second reasons for this massive magnitude of the problem are the lack of financial knowledge. Students are usually unaware of the loan terms. They do not get familiar with their obligations when they sign the contracts. Some of them do not even realize that their interest rate payments accumulate during the studies. Therefore, when they graduate, they become obliged to deal with four years long of debt.

The third cause is economic conditions as it gets harder and harder every year to find a good position. Lucky graduates who find jobs cannot meet all their necessities and debt payments with their incomes. Others are not even lucky to get a job. The employment market is competitive, and a degree is not the only requirement for landing a job.

Bright Future You Dreamed of is Possible

First US Financials provide several private student loan relief programs to get out of debt quickly. A debtor can utilize one or many of them to eliminate their debts. However, the program's fit to the loan problem depends considerably on the amount owed, income level, needs, etc. Hence, it is advisable to contact our experts and share your financial problems with us to find the best way out.

Debt Consolidation

One of the fantastic private student loan relief options to reduce the burden of the debt is consolidation. In general, the consolidation process combines different loans into one. As a result, you deal with one payment per month, which decreases the risk of missing them. In other words, consolidation makes your debt more manageable.

Another benefit of this private student loan relief is that it can decrease your monthly payments. When you get your loans consolidated, you might settle to a lower interest rate. Therefore, you will save some money from interest payments each month.

Debt Settlement

Another excellent solution for a student loan is getting our debt settlement services. This solution involves an agreement with the creditors to a lower amount. First, you save money each month in your savings account. Meanwhile, our team negotiates with creditors to reduce your obligation. Once both parties settle in a desirable amount, we divert funds from your deposit account to the creditors. Hence, this private student loan relief is an excellent opportunity to eliminate debt.

Debt settlement can also be joined with the consolidation. It means, when you combine all your loans, you will settle for a lower amount, which acts as a debt reduction tool.

Credit Counseling

Sometimes, the reason for the debt struggle is not financial resources. If you lack money, then it is better to get debt consolidation or settlement. However, if you have adequate income, but you do not know how to effectively deal with your debt, credit counseling can be a superior private student loan relief option. Our team will work closely with you to create a debt repayment plan that fits your needs and financial resources. In this way, you will be able to manage your debt quickly without further accumulating it.

Let Us Find the Best Solution

Among the many options for private student loan relief, it can be challenging to decide which one is the most helpful. Each of the opportunities has benefits and drawbacks depending on the financial conditions that a debtor faces. For instance, debt consolidation can require a low-interest rate, but it can prolong the debt repayment process to ten to twenty years. Debt settlement might seem like the most desirable option, but it can lead to conflicts in extreme cases. The creditors are not obliged to settle. If they get fed up, the process can end in court. Plus, credit counseling will not be enough if your current income level cannot meet your obligations.

The most useful private student loan relief can only be found after a thorough analysis of your situation. Our team gained immense experience with debtors over the years of activity. Hence, they can effectively analyze the financial inputs and decide which private student loan relief to choose. They will also customize the option to your needs and create a repayment plan that you can afford.

What Are You Still Waiting For?

You do not take any risks or obligations for our services. You do not need to make payments beforehand, and we offer a 100% refund if you are not satisfied with the service. As we value honesty, transparency, and customer attitude toward our services, we hope you do not have any question marks in your mind by now. However, if you are still confused and worried, contact our experts now and direct your questions or concerns.

Dealing with the Debt by Your Own

Sure, you can take self-initiative to manage your debt. It will be less costly as you do not need to pay for any party to guide you. However, the effectiveness of this process is low. For once, if you could deal with the finances and loans well, you would not be struggling with it now. Second, you might lack many skills. All private student loan relief options require negotiation, effective communication, persuasion skills, as well as much time and patience. Our team contacts your creditors regularly to convince them to settle without creating tensions. Yet, debtors can lose their tempers quickly, which can only lead to disputes. As a result, creditors become stubborn, and there exists no available solution.

Besides, you do not need to worry about the affordability of our services. We do not charge you any payment or fee before you are satisfied with the results we achieve. Plus, we provide affordable solutions, which will leave you with savings even after deducting our fee. The longer you wait and try to handle the issue yourself, the harder the problem becomes to deal with. Hence, it is better to contact us immediately for quick and effective results.

Our Core Values

First US Financials based its operation on three core values to provide a premium experience to its clients. The first and foremost value of our team is the high level of customer satisfaction. We want all our customers to be happy with our services and reduce their concerns about debt. While our ultimate goal is to help debtors get rid of or reduce the debt, we want them to be calm and convenient during this process. That is the reason why we create customized plans. By understanding your challenges and needs, our team develops repayment plans that you can afford. While you collect funds or make payments, you will also be able to meet necessity obligations.

Second, trust plays a crucial role in our services. No matter how hard is the solution, we do not lie to our customers. Our team provides full transparency so that the debtors are aware of all steps we take. We do not try to make our services more attractive by lying about the result or its duration. In short, we do not claim impossible results. It can take you to two-four years to reduce your debt. However, the situation will worsen if you decide not to take any actions and benefit from private student loan relief.
Lastly, professionalism is the building block of our solutions. Without an adequate level of networking and experience, it is not possible to convince creditors to settle. Also, financial expertise is required to analyze the financial conditions and create proper repayment plans. Hence, we vetted each of our team members and chose only the ones with excellent soft skills and knowledge. In this way, we guarantee that the solutions we provide are beneficial and suitable for the clients.

Credit Score

Some people are worried that if they get private student loan relief help, their credit scores will become lower. However, this is not a reasonable worry. Sure, your credit performance will be damaged if you want a debt settlement. The reason is that you will not make any payments so that you can save money for settlement. Yet, after settling and paying out your debt, some clients experienced an increase in their credit scores. Hence, there is a high chance that your credit will become the same as before the settlement. In the best case, it can even be better than before.

Another issue is that if you do not get any help, you will not be able to deal with it. If you are struggling with the debt, it will be hard to keep the payments on time and have a high credit score without private student loan relief. In any case, your credit will be reduced. Therefore, it is better to get help so that you can increase the credit after repaying the debt.

How do We work?

First US Financials handpicked finance experts under one roof. Our team has years of experience in helping borrowers to reduce the weight of debt. We can guide you to decrease, if not eliminate, the total debt. The way our team works is simple.

First, you need to contact us and share your concerns. Our experts will work closely with you to understand your financial position and challenges. Next, we choose the best private student loan relief program that caters to your needs and solves your problems simultaneously. Customer satisfaction is crucial to us. Therefore, we create customized plans for every client to reduce their struggle.

While you follow our private student loan relief requirements, we try to settle with your creditors. Our team continually communicates with the lenders and convinces them patiently to reduce the amount of debt. Therefore, we provide services on both sides for maximum efficiency. On the one hand, we are a call away whenever you have trouble with the repayment plan. On the other hand, we professionally negotiate with your lenders.

Once the solution is desirable for the creditor and the lender, we get our fee.

Why Trust Us?

We understand that people who struggle with the debt are afraid of wasting a penny in useless services. You can be suspicious of third-party help and avoid it not to lose any more money. We considered all these concerns and created a solution that does not require any fee until you are satisfied with the result.

Our Services Require No Upfront Costs

Once we find the solution and you are happy with the result, we get our payment. Even better than no initial cost, is the ZERO risks we provide. First, US Financials allow clients to leave the services whenever they want without paying penalties or additional fees.

Take Action for a Debt-Free Future

No student expects that they will end up suffering from the loans when they graduate instead of having a great job. Yet, if you are struggling with loan payments, do not lose hope for a bright future. Our private student loan relief services can bring multiple solutions to your problems.