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Do I Qualify For Debt Relief?

The minimum amount to qualify for The DRC Program
is $7,500 in approved unsecured debts.

Qualifying Debt Includes:

  1. Credit Card Debt
  2. Personal Loans
  3. Unsecured Lines of Credit
  4. Unsecured Debt Consolidation Loans
  5. Medical Bills
  6. Collections & Arrears
  7. Private Loans
  8. Private Student Loans
  9. Car Loan

There are no credit requirements - so bad credit is okay.

Absolutely No Upfront costs…… Ever.

We can help you save money on what you owe.

Inquire below to become debt free in 12-48 months or less.

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A Smarter Path to Debt Resolution

Our certified agents and legal defense team are committed to helping you achieve your goals to resolve your debts while you transition from financial stress to financial wellness. Instances of people being bothered by collection activity for invalid debts are fairly common, and the process of invalidating such debts might seem daunting to most. We are here to help you with debt relief and legal questions.

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Steps to live Debt Free


Notice to Creditors and Collectors

First, upon enrollment, our processing team will immediately give notices to your creditors that you are now being represented by counsel and that all communication should be directed to us as your attorneys. This will ensure that your creditors will not be permitted to harass or intimidate you.


We Help you Dispute Your Debts

Second, for each of the debts you have trusted us to handle, we will begin the process of enforcing your rights by demanding that your creditors, debt collectors, and the credit bureaus adhere to the rules imposed upon them by state and federal law.


We Will Represent You in Court

Third, if you are sued at any point during the program, our backend team will handle all aspects of your representation in court.

How We Work

First US experts who have years of experience in the field will connect with debtors and negotiate and settle for lower amounts. We aim to help borrowers to get rid of their debts as quickly as possible. Our utmost objective is to assist borrowers in eliminating their debts in a lower amount than they owe. We achieve these goals by working on two sides simultaneously. On the one hand, we negotiate with the creditors to convince them of a settlement. On the other hand, our team of experts creates affordable programs for debtors to save financial resources until the settlement has been achieved. Each of our programs is customized to the needs of our clients to grant full control over the finances of the debtors. Here is a quick guide to how it works:

Debtors Contact Us:
The first step, our experts collect information about the borrowers’ financial standings and their unique needs. Later, borrowers work together with the team to develop bespoke programs for monthly savings. The amount of savings depends on the targets, outstanding debt, and the income of the debtor.

Program Implementation Starts:
After creating and agreeing on a debt relief program, it is time to implement it. In this phase, debtors are required to make monthly deposits into an escrow account. This account belongs to the debtor who has full control over it. Deposits collected here will be used in the future to pay the debts. During this stage, borrowers should stop using the funds from the debt program, whether it is a loan or credit card. It is necessary to avoid further debt accumulation. In the meantime, our expert negotiators communicate with the creditors on your behalf.

Borrowers Get Relief:
As soon as a creditors and our negotiators agree to settle, funds collected are used to pay those debts. Full debt relief is reached when the creditor receives the settled amount. Do not forget that you are free to quit whenever you wish if you are not satisfied with our resolution.

Why Trust Us?


Customers make payments for our services if they are satisfied with the program we develop and the reduction we achieve.

Full Transparency

We keep you informed about all details of negotiations and progress in the process of debt relief.

No Lies

First US Financials do not stimulate customers by claiming solutions in an impossibly short time. We achieve excellent results in 2-4 years.

Guaranteed Satisfaction

If you are not satisfied with the program at any stage of our help, you are free to leave with no obligations.

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