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Credit Card Debt Relief

Are you struggling with credit card debt? Making the minimum payments and are even behind your bills? If yes, you are one of the thousands of people who share the same trouble. The situation gets worse as the available balance for cards steadily rises, together with the interest rates. Fortunately, First US Financials is here to relieve you of your debts via the credit card debt relief program!

We have an expert team who have helped hundreds of people to get rid of their debts or achieve debt reduction. After you contact us, our experts collect as much information as possible about your situation. Then, they analyze your current conditions and advise an optimal credit card debt relief. There are zero upfront costs meaning we get our payment only after you achieve great results.

People find it hard to meet their ever-increasing obligations. Some of them should deal with this problem for an extended period, around ten to twenty years. However, credit card debt is not destiny. Luckily, credit card debt relief can help debtors and take the weight of the obligations off of their shoulders. This program assists credit card users to get rid of their debt and retake control of their finances.

Credit card debtors are in constant search of a way out as the interest rates and outstanding debt amount keep increasing. In the last few years, the total credit card debt rose around 20%. Unfortunately, many people do not have much knowledge of their finances and debt management. Therefore, they mostly spend more than what they earn. Even worse, consumers with a massive volume of debt face additional fees and penalties as they cannot meet their obligations on time. The situation seems desperate, but there is a chance for you to get a good sleep after a long time.

Why are You in Debt?

Credit Cards are not necessarily harmful tools. They provide temporary funds to people who lack money. Hence, they increase the purchase ability of consumers. If users utilize their credit cards diligently, and pay their debts on time, there does not emerge any problems. Even better, such proper behavior of debt management can positively affect the credit performance of the users. In this way, they will be able to get credits quickly when they need it. Using a credit card instead of cash is less risky because owners can immediately freeze the card if it is stolen. If an emergency exists, credit cards assist people who lack savings. Lastly, people can easily keep track of their spendings.

However, as neither debt nor finance management is taught in schools, many still lack knowledge about these terms. Hence, many people can abuse using credit cards. They use financial resources in cards without thinking about how they will cover the bill when it is due. The satisfaction people get from purchasing items with credit cards that otherwise they could not have afforded drives instant happiness. Such temptations make users buy even more.

Information Asymmetry

While consumers lack knowledge about debt management, credit card issuers are highly skilled in stimulating purchases. They provide promotions such as purchases with no interest rate, cash backs, bonus points, etc. Hence, customers feel tempted to buy something even if they do not need it. As a result, when the promotions end, interest rates boost, and customers end up owing more. This information asymmetry creates an opportunity for credit card companies to promote themselves, while consumers are unaware of protection from debt accumulation. We are not claiming that companies are tricking users. Instead, users are unable to assess the consequences of their decisions.

You might not be Guilty of Debt Accumulation

Sure, many people suffer from debt and look for credit card debt relief because they failed to evaluate the bills for their purchases. However, sometimes, debtors have no chance other than using the credit card. There exist thousands of people who cannot even afford their necessities with the low-income level. Others can only purchase necessary items and cannot save. Hence, when an emergency appears, they are obliged to use their credit cards.

No Matter The Debt Amount, Credit Card Debt Relief Program Can Help You Get Out of It

Assess the Problem

Possibly, people who struggle with credit cards are not aware of the magnitude of the problem they face. There exist some signals that warn consumers that they are in big trouble. Usually, people in need of credit card debt relief have already reached their purchase limits. They are unable to pay more for their obligations and can only afford minimum payments. These people can better assess the problem by creating a spreadsheet with their spendings and income. If the expenses are higher than the income level, it is a danger sign for consumers.

As debtors do not have full control over their payments, they can miss some of them to cover others. They also sometimes get money from one card to meet the obligations of the other. The situation gets even worse when consumers spend money on necessities like groceries or utilities from their credit cards. As those are basics for surviving, it shows that card users cannot satisfy their survival needs without accumulating debt. Sure, in this case, debt becomes unavoidable.

Even if the debtor is unable to assess his/her situation, other parties can do it. For example, if they apply for new credit lines, companies will reject their application because the consumers maxed their limits in many cards and miss payments. If the debtor does not evaluate the problem, this event signals them the trouble directly.

In other cases, consumers already experience the adverse outcomes, as they receive calls from creditors, and do not find any way to cover their debt payments. This last phase of the trouble alarms consumers to get credit card debt relief programs.

Every Minute You Wait Costs You Extra Money

If you are in the last stage of the trouble and struggle to pay the credit card bills, do not lose your hopes. There is still a chance for you to regain control of your finances. Plenty of credit card debt relief programs exist that can assist you in getting rid of your debt. However, the first step in all programs is evaluating your current situation to find the best solution. Later, you will learn about the next steps required.

Avoid Mistakes

Before diving into the solution, let's discuss the worst decisions about the debt. First, do not wait. The debt problem will not just disappear. You need to take action to solve it. Doing nothing means the interest payments will increase, and as they accumulate, you will find yourself in even greater trouble.

Closing credit cards is also a mistake because it will impact the credit score. Some portion of this score is based on the frequency you use the card. Also, there is a ratio called debt to credit, which indicates how much debt you have from all available credits. If you close the cards, the credit part of the ratio will decrease. Hence, it will look like you have more debt than before. The length of the time you own a credit card has an influence on credit performance, too. If you have a credit card for years and then close it, it will increase the debt ratio and negatively affect the credit history factor. Therefore, your credit score will drop, not to mention that you will not be able to use the cards. Plus, do not think that bankruptcy is the only way out of the problem. Bankruptcy can be one of the credit card debt relief resolutions, but it should be your last resort. Experts advise filing for bankruptcy if a debtor has absolutely no other solution.

Disadvantages of Bankruptcy

It is a mistake to think that declaring bankruptcy will help you avoid all the debts. In Chapter 13 type, bankrupt people still make payments because this category is about the reorganization. It allows debtors to have a more affordable repayment plan. Hence, you will not eliminate debt payments in this credit card debt relief.

In Chapter 7 type, your assets will be liquidated to cover the debt. Yet, there are some secured debts and obligations that cannot be covered with this credit card debt relief, such as aliments or child support.

Additionally, bankruptcy has a substantial adverse effect on credit history. It will stay in your credit reports for as long as ten years. Every time you want to apply for a job later, rent accommodation, or get insurance, this low credit score will create barriers.

Credit Card Debt Relief Options

Even in the worst situations, you are not hopeless. There exist different credit card debt relief options based on the needs and other conditions of the borrower. The most common two options are debt snowballing and stacking.

Debt Snowballing

Have you seen a snowball falling from a hill? As it moves, it gets from being small to a huge ball. This method of credit card debt relief is very similar to a snowball. The basic principle is that you start paying off the lowest debt and then move to higher ones. Let's say you have three credit card debts with the lowest, medium, and highest amounts. This method requires that you direct your funds to pay off the lowest one as soon as possible.

Meanwhile, you also keep making minimum payments to other cards as we do not want to accumulate debt. Once you have closed the lowest debt, now you have extra funds available for medium obligation. So, the process continues until you cover all the liability. You need to have enough resources to cover at least minimum payments for other cards, which are not possible for all debtors.

Debt Stacking

Similar to debt snowballing, stacking also requires ordering the obligations. However, this time, the order is based on the interest rate. Hence, debtors focus their funds on the obligation with the highest interest rate. If you can pay it off, you will save a lot of money per month and direct them to other credits. Yet, it becomes a challenge if the highest interest belongs to debt in a massive volume. In this case, it can take years to get rid of this debt.

Let Us Find the Best Solution for Your Credit Card Debt

While the two methods mentioned can be beneficial, they do not fit every person. No credit card debt relief can effectively solve all debtors' problems. The right solution always depends on the condition, such as the total amount of outstanding debt, income level, and other specifications of the debtor.

We have an expert team who helped hundreds of people to get rid of their debts or achieve debt reduction. After you contact us, our experts collect as much information as possible about your current situation. Then, they analyze the conditions and advise the optimal credit card debt relief. Once you follow all the requirements, and achieve great results, we get our payment.

Debt Consolidation

One of the solutions we offer is consolidating your debt, which means joining all individual credits. In this way, you need to make only one payment per month, which is more manageable. Also, it is possible to get a lower interest rate with consolidation. Therefore, you pay less than the current total payments per month.

Debt Settlement

Another great credit card debt relief is a settlement. It requires debtors to stop payments and, instead, direct all funds to a saving account. Meantime, our experts negotiate with the creditors to agree on a lower amount of lump-sum payment for the total debt. Once we settle, all the savings in the account cover the liability.


Lastly, bankruptcy is possible despite its many disadvantages. In some cases, individuals, unfortunately, do not have any other solution. If they pay the debt, they will not be able to meet their necessities for survival. Only in extreme situations, we guide you to this credit card debt relief.

Facing Pressure and Harassing Calls from Creditors?

If you get our help, we can stop all these stressful factors in your life, and you can finally have a good sleep without worrying about your debt payments. Once you agree to work together, our experts take the responsibility of communication with the creditors. In this way, you do not experience any bad experiences with the lenders and focus all your attention on the credit card debt relief, customized for you.