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About First US Financials

Since the first day of our operations, our goal of helping borrowers to get debt relief has not changed. We assist people who struggle with debt management to find a solution. The First US Financials achieve this mission by creating customized saving programs that blend the borrowers’ needs and their abilities to afford the payments. By assisting borrowers to save financial resources, we prepare them for the settlement day.

What makes us unique is our ability for negotiation and persuasion. As soon as a debtor contacts us, we take the responsibility to communicate with the creditors to convince them to agree to the settlement - even better, at lower amounts than the debt owed. We deal simultaneously with both parties - debtors and lenders, and ensure they are satisfied with the result.

NO RISK is involved in benefiting from our services.

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No Upfront Fees

We require no fees or extra payments until you are fully satisfied with the results and get the debt reduction you want.

Complete Transparency

Our team will inform you about all the details of your progress and always keep you up-to-date with the operations.

No Obligations

Borrowers are free to quit our services if not satisfied without being obliged to any payments or further actions.

Custom Payment Plan

We will develop a bespoke payment plan to ensure you can afford to pay for your expenses and save at the same time.

How We Work

The First US Financials connects debtors with financial experts who have years of experience in the field. We aim to help borrowers to get rid of their debts as quickly as possible. Our utmost objective is to assist borrowers in eliminating their debts in a lower amount than they owe. We achieve these goals by working on two sides simultaneously. On the one hand, we negotiate with the creditors to convince them for a settlement. On the other hand, our team of experts creates affordable programs for debtors to save financial resources until the settlement has been achieved. Each of our programs is customized to the needs of our clients to grant full control over the finances for the debtors. Here is a quick guide about how it works:

1. Debtors Contact Us

In the first step, our experts collect information about the borrowers’ financial standings and their unique needs. Later, borrowers work together with the team to develop bespoke programs for monthly savings. The amount of savings depends on the targets, outstanding debt, and the income of the debtor.

2. Program Implementation Starts

After creating and agreeing on a debt relief program, it is time to implement it. In this phase, debtors are required to make monthly deposits in a savings account. This account belongs to the debtor who has full control over it. Deposits they collect here will be used in the future to pay the debt.

During this stage, borrowers should stop using the funds from the debt program, whether it is the loan or credit card. It is necessary to avoid further debt accumulation. In the meantime, our expert negotiators communicate with the creditors on your behalf.

3. Borrowers Get Relief

As soon as a creditor and borrower agree to settle, the funds you collected are used to pay the debt. You get debt relief when the creditor receives the full amount. Do not forget that you are free to quit whenever you wish if you are not satisfied with our resolution.

Our Core Values

Customer Care

The relations with our clients have the utmost importance to us. Our team works closely with every client and ensures they get custom programs that cater to their specific needs.


First US Financials handpicked finance experts and created a team of professionals with years of experience in the debt payment field. We aim to provide quick and professional help to borrowers.


We base our relations on mutual trust and full transparency of our operations. We require no payments unless you are fully satisfied with the resolution.

Debt Relief

Being in debt does not only bring financial consequences. The stress of not meeting the obligations and the pressure from the lenders make the situation even worse. In such overwhelming conditions, it becomes even more challenging to monitor and control the finances to find a solution effectively. Our Debt Relief program can help you to stop the emotional and financial difficulties your debt brings. This program benefits different types of debtors, whether they have massive borrowings, or just looking for a way to reduce the interest payments.

Debt Relief programs are available in various forms, such as consolidation, settlement, or even bankruptcy.

The debt consolidation makes the loan payments more manageable and can decrease the payments.

The settlement, on the other hand, involves intense negotiations with the creditors to convince them to accept a lower debt amount.

Lastly, there is the bankruptcy option which is the last resort. Debtors should prefer it when there is no other way than declaring bankruptcy. While it can raise debt obligations, it will damage the credit performance considerably.

Among all the possible solutions, the right one depends on the financial conditions of the borrowers, as well as their debt amount. Our team of experts can analyze your qualifications and advise you on the most suitable choice.

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Credit Card Debt Relief

While credit cards enhance people’s ability to afford items, they become a destructive tool as soon as users lose control. Some creditors provide incentives to people, such as cashback or bonus points, to stimulate them to purchase more. However, by misusing the credit card purchases, it takes a short time to find yourself in a debt spiral. Many people use their credit cards without thinking about how they will pay it back later. Therefore, credit card debts are rising at a fast pace in the US.

If you are also struggling with credit card debt, you can consider our debt relief program. Consolidation is one of our services which joins all credit card payments into one monthly obligation. In this way, the payments become more manageable. Even better, debtors can achieve lower interest rates than they had before the consolidation. It is also possible to eliminate credit card debt through a settlement with the creditor. In any case, getting our help requires you to stop making purchases with the card. Only in this way, you can prevent debt accumulation and save money for the settlement, or consolidation payments. You can find out more details of Credit Card Debt Relief here.

What Are You Still Waiting For?

You do not take any risks or obligations for our services. You do not need to make payments beforehand, and we offer a 100% refund if you are not satisfied with the service. As we value honesty, transparency, and customer attitude toward our services, we hope you do not have any question marks in your mind by now. However, if you are still confused and worried, contact our experts now and direct your questions or concerns.

Bad Credit Loans

This type of loan provides financial resources to people who have low credit scores. Such a score is usually a barrier to being eligible for a loan. Bad Credit Loans can be secured and unsecured. In secured type, borrowers need to show collateral in high value, such as a real estate property. The collateral acts as a guarantee for collecting money when the borrower is entirely unable to pay the loan. Unsecured loans do not require collateral. Therefore, it can be challenging to get them when you have poor credit. Sometimes, this type of loan involves a co-signer.

While Bad Credit Loan can be easy to qualify and generates results fast, it is usually risky. The interest rates are higher than the standard loans. This factor limits borrowers’ ability to pay their debts on time, which keeps them exposed to the risk of losing their collateral. If the house is collateral, borrowers face the possibility of being homeless if they do not meet their obligations. Hence, its benefits depend on personal qualifications to a high degree. If this program is not suitable for you, do not think that your only solution is Bad Credit Loan. There exist other solutions such as negotiations with creditors, or getting a debt relief program. Our experts can help you to make the best decision for your challenges. Check this page for more information.

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Debt Consolidation

Consolidation is a popular solution among borrowers to deal with a high volume of debt. Usually, debtors get consolidation opportunities from the lenders and combine all their debts into one loan. In this way, they achieve easy control over finances as there exists only one payment per month. In the best-case scenario, consolidation lowers the interest rates, which means monthly payments decrease. Similar to Bad credit Loans, consolidation can also be secured or unsecured. In secured consolidation loans, collateral helps to be eligible for the consolidation. Also, it can decrease the interest rate. However, in case you cannot meet your obligations, your collateral will also be in danger. An unsecured loan, in turn, does not require collateral. As you do not have much to lose, creditors guarantee their payments by making the loan accessible to people with better credit scores. Get more information about Debt Consolidation and its application here.

Why Trust Us?

1. We Require No Upfront Fee

Customers make payments for our services if they are satisfied with the program we develop and the reduction we achieve.

2. Full Transparency

We keep you informed about all details of negotiations and progress in the process of debt relief.

3. No Lies

The First US Financials do not stimulate customers by claiming solutions in an impossibly short time. We achieve excellent results in 2-4 years.

4. Guaranteed Satisfaction

If you are not satisfied with the program at any stage of our help, you are free to leave with no obligations.

Private Student Loan Relief

Students take private loans for education because they hope to get decent work after graduation and pay off the debt. However, some quickly find out that the job market is extremely competitive, and getting a job takes more time than expected. In a short time, they find themselves struggling with the monthly payments of education loans.

Yet, not having financial resources is not the only reason why graduates are struggling with their debts. Sometimes, they lack the ability to control their finances and meet their obligations. As they do not have much financial knowledge, they are also unable to find the most effective way of dealing with the payments. Also, students are mostly unaware of the escalating negative effect of interest rates once they stop making payment.

If you are in this situation, too, You Are Not Alone! We provide Private Student Loan Relief programs to a multitude of graduates. This program increases the chance of debt relief by successfully negotiating with the lenders. Under this loan relief, there exist many solutions, such as consolidation, settlement, counseling, etc. Each of the available alternatives has its advantages and disadvantages depending on the qualifications of the graduates. We can help you to find the most suitable solution to eliminate your debt. You can get more details about Private Student Loan Relief here.

Debtless Future is Possible

With the right program, it will take only around four years to get out of the debt, while taking no action means accumulating more debt and struggling with it for a long time. We do not promise that our program is easy and brings extremely fast results. All we do is help our customers eliminate their debt in a reasonable time, by following our requirements. We also create these requirements, such as the amount of deposit saving, considering your financial abilities, and the need for a stress-free life.

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